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Retweeted From HGABR Sixth Form

A polite reminder that the academy closes early tomorrow. Students will be leaving site from 12.40pm. Have a restful break


Retweeted From Chobham Primary

Awesome day and .An inspiration to meet the Olympians


Former student to play in final four of college basketball championship this weekend


Retweeted From HarrisSchoolDirect

Starting our School Direct training at the brilliant with their superb Managing Mentor.


Retweeted From Harris Careers

Harris Academy Orpington is looking for a Maths Teacher. Apply now


Retweeted From Harris City Academy

The HCACP Sixth Form Easter Interventions Programme can be found here


Retweeted From Harris Bromley

: 20th April - Yr 12 & 13 English Lit students will be heading to the theatre to see Othello at the Sam Wannamaker Playhouse:


Retweeted From Thomas Mackintosh

All five of Croydon's secondary schools currently rated as 'outstanding' by Ofsted


Retweeted From HABE Sport

Silverware for the U13's netball tournament. Thanks to for hosting! Well done to you all 🥈


Amazing result well done.


Retweeted From Siobhain McDonagh MP

Only 48 hours left to speak up for ! Have your say on local kids getting into new school!


Retweeted From HABE Sport

🏐NETBALL🏐U12's beat Langley A's 7-3 & U14's beat Harris Bromley 24-2. U13's tournament tomorrow, come on girls!


Retweeted From HarrisBeckenham

Our students have enjoyed an inspirational day at Oxford University including lunch in the chapel and an academic taster session.


Retweeted From Harris Peckham

Well done to the Y10 Business students who entered the Peter Jones Tycoon Challenge and successfully set up an in-school stationary shop!


20 - 24 March 2017 Harris Academies 'The Week in Pictures'.


Thanks to all Harris Governors & colleagues for attending yesterday's Governing with impact conference & to for hosting.


Retweeted From Karl Hoods

Another great conference. Thanks to those that organised and for hosting!


Hovers doing practical science!


Lord Harris presents awards for our Governors that have served in our schools for 5 years and over - Thank you!


Retweeted From Harris Fed TSA

Governors understand the new mathematics curriculum by learning like students.

Harris Westminster Sixth Form

Academy Description

Harris Westminster Sixth Form combines the strengths of Westminster School in teaching academically able pupils with the Harris Federation’s experience in establishing and running outstanding maintained sector schools across London. This Sixth Form is a unique collaboration between two leading lights of UK education, the Harris Federation and Westminster School.

Academy Ethos

Ambition. Perseverance. Legacy. After two years of outstanding education and personal development our students will not just be ready to face the world but to change it.

Ambition: Our students will have high expectations of themselves. They will believe in their own abilities and in their capacity to learn, developing new skills and knowledge. They will be unafraid of competition, seeking out new challenges and collaborating successfully to meet them. Their long term goals will be stretching and exciting and they will know how to take the next step on the road to meeting them.

Perseverance: Our students will understand the value of hard work and will be able to concentrate on medium and long term goals. They will not be dismayed by mistakes but will learn from them and seek opportunities to use their learning. They will use different approaches to solve problems and will not give up if they don’t succeed at the first attempt. They will encourage each other and accept encouragement: they will celebrate not just their own successes but those of their peers.

Legacy: Our students will have a strong moral code and a desire to help others.  They will understand the impact that their words and actions have and make their choices accordingly. They will learn about cultures and groups other than their own and will be interested in the ideas of others. They will have the courage to stand up for what is right even when it is difficult and leave enterprises of all kinds and scales better for their involvement.


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